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We all try to do what we can, when we can to help preserve the planet.

4Ocean is one of our favorite ways to clean the Oceans. As scuba divers and water lovers we strive to do what we can!
These products in our green line are made by recycling every day products. Like from the scraps and trimmings of the actual shirts when they are made. They take all the waste material when they cut the shirt patterns and re-spin it into new cloth instead of throwing it in the trash. The Allmade shirts use PET from all sorts of scrap products like water bottles. Each shirt is made with the equivalent of 6 water bottles! That is 6 water bottles that did not make it to the landfill! The best part is that the look and feel of these shirts from the companies that we have partnered with, are amazing! Soft and supple, thin and airy!

The only challenge to this is, that to produce these high quality shirts it cost more money! These shirts cost us more than double what a shirt from virgin materials cost. So if you want to do your part we have absorbed some of the cost of these amazing shirts so,
we can both do what we can, when we can!

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Green Bbeanz

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